Make Eating Better Your Reality…

…Rather Than On Your Dream Board

Are Healthy Dinners Being Left Off Your Weekly Planner?

Take-out gets tiring, and you now want to know where those ingredients are coming from.

Eating more plants sounds great, but don’t know how to prepare them?

If a better option is high on your list, look no further.

NYC Personal Chef

Starting with great ingredients, meals revolve around your food preferences. Whether you’re eating gluten-free, Paleo, Mediterranean, or simply want to eat more plants, nutritious meals will be on the table when you want them.

Health Coaching

Holistic health coaching focuses on your unique individuality. There are many areas beyond food that create a healthy balance. Is stress keeping you up at night?  We’ll cover areas way out of balance and move toward healthier options.


Organic ingredients,

Healthy fats,

Nutrient-dense plants,


Healthy eating.