Hi! I’m Tina and I’m originally from Massachusetts. I moved to NYC after finishing my BFA from Boston University for Fine Arts and set my sails for New York to find my creative life.

My passion for cooking began in my 20’s when I worked for catering companies to supplement my freelance illustration career. I loved working with food then and as I developed my art life eventually as a graphic designer and painter, my passion for working with food grew even more. I finally went to culinary school in 2002 at the Institute of Culinary Education and spent 2 years working in NYC restaurants thereafter. Although I loved my restaurant experiences, it was clear that personal chef work was a better fit.

I started The Tasteful Table in 2006 as a side business, while still working as a graphic designer. The more I worked with food, the more I wanted to learn about nutrition, which led me to the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. At IIN, I absorbed life-changing information from top functional medicine doctors in nutrition, along with environmentally-conscious experts on healthy living, beyond food. I’m currently enrolled in Full Body Systems with Andrea Nakayama, learning more about how our amazing bodies work.

I sincerely believe food is medicine—to quote Hippocrates, and I love sharing what I know and what I continue to learn about the power of food, eating with the seasons and WHY organic or eating locally is better for your body, on a cellular level. Also, working with the variety of seasonal vegetables that brighten you plate and energize your body makes cooking fun.

Whether you’re trying to eliminate gluten, sugar, processed food, dairy or simply desire to eat more nutrient-dense plants, I’d love to guide you on your journey as a chef, or health coach.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition