NYC Personal Chef Service

Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Choices

Eating real food is harder to manage these days. Too much sugar, bad fats, and excess salt are loaded into processed foods. With take-out, you can’t control the ingredients either. Having more of a say in what you put in your body is the first step to a healthier you.

Meals are prepared around your food preferences and dietary needs, filled with seasonal vegetables and high-quality protein, with or without grains.

Choosing organic and local ingredients, healthy meals and side dishes are cooked in your kitchen and packaged the way you want them—from family style to portion control.

Using your kitchen equipment, Paleo, gluten-free or Mediterranean meals, filled with nutrient-dense ingredients will be whipped up weekly. Explore cuisines from all over, with your food preferences in mind.

Pricing For In-home Personal Chef Service

$450 which includes 3 entrees, 4-6 portions of each, with side dishes, fresh salad dressing and simple salad.
Price does not include the cost of groceries. This service is currently only in Manhattan.
Cab expense may be $6 – $30 depending on location from the UES.

How It Works

  • Set up a time via email to talk about what your food needs are
  • Fill out the food questionnaire so menus can be worked around your preferences
  • A grocery deposit is needed before we get started
  • We’ll schedule a cook day and see if you like the food enough to book a weekly service
  • Shopping is done that morning and the prepping, cooking and packaging lasts till early evening
  • Food is packaged however you prefer and placed in the fridge or freezer
  • Heating instructions are included with the menu printout for easy reference
  • Kitchen clean up will finish with a final sweep of the floor



Chicken Fajitas
with peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, whole wheat tortillas, brown rice and black beans

Seared Scallops
with mashed sweet potatoes with lemon-garlic sauteed spinach

Turkey Meatloaf
with cauliflower puree and sauteed broccoli

Romaine, sprouts, red onions, endive and shredded carrots, with blue-cheese dressing

Surprise Superfood Dessert

Customize Your Service

Are you feeling exhausted with all that you do? Our cells respond better to whole food vs processed food, creating energy to thrive. A little planning ahead can prevent you from hitting the vending machine in the afternoon.

busy mom running

Want to include more nuts, seeds and superfoods in your diet? This is one of my favorite subjects. Healthy snacking and green shakes are a big part of keeping your energy stable throughout the day.

Doing a detox? As a health coach, I know how challenging getting your food prepped for a one-week or three-week detox can be. I’ll help set you up for success.

Need to have more salad options ready to eat for work or light dinners? Fresh salad dressings are made weekly. You’ll never get bored eating healthy with the variety of greens and textures.

Have Questions?

Ask away

Make a grocery deposit payment before your cook day.